Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maybelline Makeover Ladies!!

You heard it ladies.. A makeover! Every Joyah, Bedah and Tipah would love makeover. So do i! So last weekend was a girls-day-out for me and my girlfriends. We went for a makeover by Maybelline (Thanks to Tammy and my sister). From a plain Jane we were transformed into something beautiful. We had fun during the makeover. Chit chatting with other ladies while waiting for our turn, dug some tips from the make up artist and not to forget the photoshoot session. Lovely!

:: Bare naked Face ::

:: Touch me! I mean....touch me up ;) ::

:: The Writer ::

::The Click-ing Time::

After the metamorphosis session, we headed to Garden for tea time cums lunch. It was 4pm but we still have not filled up our empty stomach. Poor tummy! When it comes to beauty, ones cant forget about eating and etcetera ;) Oh by the way, i love their English Breakfast tea. Very soothing! Burpp~(errr...excuse me).

:: Tea for Three ::
Sara cant join us for tea as she had other plan on that day. She has a date after the makeover session. Sarah's fiancée was kind enough to patiently wait for her to get done. Lucky you, babe! Sarah, dont forget to upload your after makeover pic yeah?!

Oh well, our day didnt end just like that. We had dinner at Sukhumvit Kg Baru with my brothers and his friends. Pictures? Not today lovely readers :) But you can enjoy my last but not least picture for this entry. I hope you'll have a great day with your beloved one...


*fuhhh...flying kiss*

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