Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Because i choose choice!

Its pretty hectic in the office now.
Very busy. Busier than a bee.
Work is piling like my dirty clothes in the basket.
Nevertheless, life still has to move on.
Ye la...orang lain bz jugak!
Thus, in order to ease my brain cramp, i choose this.

Yummy (Yamie?) Trifle......Hehe

On top of that, flowers from him. African daisies.

All right now. Ive got work to do.
See ya later, alligator!

nota kaki: you! you! All of you, back to work! hehe~
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Drama 18sx. Jgn baca kalau bawah umur.

Di sebuah petang Jumaat yang banyak kereta dan di dalam kereta.

Dia: Nak makan ape?
Saya: Ntah. Awak rasa-rasa nak makan apa?
Dia: Teppanyaki Midvalley. Nak?
Saya: Jom!

Di hadapan restoran Tepanyaki

Dia: Awak masuk dulu eh. Order Fuji Snow dan Beef Teppanyaki. Nak withdraw duit kejap.
Saya: Ok.. (tanpa byk soal sbb dh lapa)

Selepas 20 minit...

Saya: Lama nyer..
Dia: Bawak kuar duit...

Lepas makan.

Dia: Jom pergi Pavillion nak?
Saya: Ha? Tamau jalan2 Mid dulu ke? Nak p Pavillion buat ape? Jauh tu...
Dia: Lepak-lepak..jalan-jalan...
Saya: Ikut ler...mesti dah lama sgt bertapa kt Gemas kan? Hehe

Di Pavillion...dia merenung papan tanda aras. Seolah-olah mencari sesuatu..Tibe-tibe

Dia: Alamak, wallet saya dalam kereta.
Saya: Cuba check dlm poket. (He hardly left anything...unlike me)
Dia: Awak pergi Cotton On dulu...jumpe kat sana. Saya cari wallet dalam kereta.

Lepas setengah jam...dalam hati cakap, lama nyerrrrr. Tibe-tibe ade orang mencuit bahu

Dia: Nah...
Saya: Ha? So wallet tadi tu...
Dia: (tersenyum)
Saya: Thank u....awk ni sweet. Saya tak sangka...
Dia: Tadi cari dekat Mid Valley dah sold out. Sebab tu ajak awk pergi Pavillion.
Saya: (tengah terharu)
Dia: So sekarang awak dah ade 3 jam Valetine's from Swatch. Dah 3 tahun..
Saya: (terharu tak tau nak cakap mcm mana...)
Dia: Saya tak pernah bagi hadiah Valentine kt mana-mana gf sy sebelum ni..
Saya: (lagilah terharuuuu....syukur...semua ada)

Because every minute counts...

❤ it to bit!

nota kaki: drama agak panjang lebar. maaf ler ;)
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

This is what happened in Bangsar...haih!

It has been a few days after i updated on the Invitation to Have Fun.
Now, come the update and pictures and lots of them in this entry.
Since the writer is as well the blog owner, do expect her face to appear on every pictures.
Well, not all but most of the pictures!
So, please pardon her ok.
Haha =)

Sometimes we tend to forgot that we have wonderful friends and people around us.
I understand that in this world, people is getting busier.
24 hours are just aint enough.
To be honest, i am one of them.
Its not that i am veryyy hardworking with work but i am sooo hardworking with FB.
Virtual world has taken away my real world.
So unfair (talking to myself).

This Bangsar Get-To-Gather has made us (especially me) realize on how much we miss the real life.
Real life is when you have good food, good friends,good laugh and good time.
Its not about staring on your 17 inches monitor or laptop 24/7.
I seriously had good laugh. I dunno how i burst into a big laugh.
Thanks ladies ;)

As usual, i have to do the decor. A simple one this round.
Since the theme is pastel, thus i just to keep it simple but sweet.
I personally pick Plan B as our hang out place. I will review it on the next entry.

Enough said, here i present the pictures for this entry.
Tadhaaaaa.. =)
Happy viewing!

Waiting for our table. Cannot reserve. Can u see the balloons? and :P

Seri is busy with the balloons whilst im busy with the camera. Hehe~

Waiting for them. Lets pose first. The cute waiter is lending his hand. Snap!

And in a while, the party has begun crazily!
You know when girls meet each other, the wont bothers about others except for cute guy.
Scroll down people!
There is no turning back. You have to scroll down until the last picture.
Im serious. (Garang tak? Hehe)

Dont ask me whether she's drunk or not. Haha!

I think the waitress was very shocked to see them. Especially kak farah. Told ya..

Love to see Vivy (in black) laughing out loud.

Which one is the balloon? I let u all guess. hehe

I think thats all for now. I need to rest. More entry to come :)
Thanks for staying until the last bit.

nota kaki: Live, Love and Laugh.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Of wedding make up that she wants

Lately, i've been busy helping a friend of mine with her wedding preparation.
I am so concern on how she will looks like on her wedding day.
For this once in a lifetime occasion, make up and appearance is important!
So, i thrown some make up advice to her.

Our topic that day is about powdery make up vs dewy make up.
She picked dewy make up as her choice. Dewy make up is more fresh and nice.
However, not many Malay's bride opt for this look.

To Yamie, i dedicate this entry for you.
Hope you can achieve this look for your wedding.

The key to achieve dewy look is by using Strobe Cream by MAC.
This cream needs to be applied before foundation to creates dewy, young and fresh make up.
How does it look like? See below:

Make ups and looks that can be achieved by using this tool.

All of the above make up artist includes MAC Strobe Cream as one of their make up tools to achieve the above look.

I hope this entry will benefit Yamie and all other women that values beauty.
Happy trying! =)

nota kaki: would love to have this look for myself. Bridesmaid pun nak chantek. Boleh yamie? Hehe~
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

They heart February!


A special month to friends of mine.
Its not an engagement, valentine's celebration nor solemnization.
But the happy feeling is still there.
Candles burned.
Song sang.
Hands Clapped.
Wishes wished.

Happy birthday, Ila and Kak Farah!
May God shower you both with happiness and barakah :)

nota kaki: Get well soon, kak farah!
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Invitation to have fun =)

An invitation received... (errrrr?)
So i jeansed up with pastel top.
Yellow to be exact ;)
My body is here but my soul is already in Bangsar!
Hey, its a night out in Bangsar.
Who doesnt get excited?
See ya later!~

nota kaki: charging my camera now :P~

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


To whom it may concern, i dedicate this to u.

"Selama aku mencari
Selama aku menanti
Bayang-bayangmu dibatas senja
Matahari membakar rinduku
Ku melayang terbang tinggi

Tuk slalu mega-mega
Menembus dinding waktu
Ku terbaring dan pejamkan mata
Dalam hati kupangil namamu
Semoga saja kau dengar dan merasakan

Getaran dihatiku
Yang lama haus akan belaianmu
Seperti saat dulu
Saat pertama kau dekap dan kau kecup bibir ini
Dan kau bisaikan kata-kata ku cinta padamu

Peluhku berjatuhan
Menikmati sentuhan
Perasaan yang teramat dalam
Telah kau bawa segala yang kupunya
Segala yang kupunya ouoooo

Getaran dihatiku
Yang lama haus akan belaianmu
Seperti saat dulu
Saat pertama kau dekap dan kau kecup bibir ini
Dan kau bisikan kata-kata aku cinta padamu
ooho kepadamu hohoh "

-The End-
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lets start the engine...

Good morning!
I dont know why but i think my morning is pretty good today.
Though my morning laziness is still there but nevertheless it is a good morning.
Well, at least to my point of view ;)

My point of view is Right. Belah kanan! Hehe

I arrive 30 minutes early and start my day with camwhoring. Hiks.

Then, i start my day with a cup of tea. Lipton pun bolehhh~

I had red velvet for my breakfast. (on top of kuey tiaw goreng n telur mata kerbau. hehe)

Sniff on my roses. So in love with the smell (to whom it may concern, thank you!)

Spray a lil bit of Sheer Love by VS for some confidence and Diva La Vida mode.
Ghau-ghau bau dia!

Work has to start and i have to say goodbye to my webcam.

See ya people!~
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