Friday, July 30, 2010

Saya diserang!

Yer..anda tidak silap.
Saya sememangnya di serang.
Tapi bukan diserang oleh makhluk ini.
Tapi ini.Mungkin kerna diserang kekalutan a.k.a panic attack akibat stress.
Kenapa saya stress?
Kerna saya kerja, buat kerja org, pergi kelas, buat assignment, buat thesis, temuramah warga asing, berdating, bergayut dgn mak & chekgu, membaca, serta buat kerja rumah.

Saya perlu harungi semua ini. Dengan masa yang terhad. Tsk~

Tapi tak mengapa sebab i can do it and we can do it together. Sebab sy tahu ramai diluar sana mcm saya. Mcm Mommy Q juga...

Sabar aje lah Sabariah....tutup mata dan redah saje lah.

nota kaki: sikit je lagi tu cik Amnina. Chaiyok!
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yang Manis di Dessert's Bar, Yang Manis Berkonvo

Some people like to pamper their body and hair. As for me, pampering my tummy really lead me to the feeling of satisfaction. Heaven.

Though this place is not very special but i strongly believe in "make do on whatever you have". Thus, i choose this place again. Another reason for that is because its the only exclusive restaurant at my work place. On top of that, i think im in love with their Bread Butter Pudding. Something that is hard for me to resist. Oh, im so in love!

Dessert's Bar. That's the place. We, the four of us have decided for a so-called-luxury lunch at Dessert's Bar. Yeah, i know....again right? Nevertheless, i think its the best time for me to try other dishes listed in the menu. This round i opt for a Grilled Chicken Carbonara, a cup of hot choco and of course the Bread Butter Pudding with Vanilla sauce as the dessert.

Since it's about pampering yourself, i would like to pamper my dear readers with something. Let me pamper and feast your eyes with the delicious food that we ordered.

Mine (psstt..Kak Zatul ordered the same).
Grilled Chicken Carbonara RM 16.50
Complimentary Hot Choco

Mine and Ermey's.
The Lip Smacking Bread Butter Pudding RM5.80

Fantabulous Fat French Fries RM4.00

Spaghetti Meatball RM 16.50
Complimentary Smoothies.

Grilled Chicken Jalapeno Jack RM 11.90
Complimentary Smoothies.

While waiting, we kill our time with something beneficial. Cam-whoring, Photo session, Foto Gediks (which basically the same thing) are something we love to do. Something to pamper your eyes. Hopefully it will not be an eyesore to you. Hehe...

Ermey in baju kurung, Amnina with grey skirt and Boo with long pant.

The ladies with Kak Zatul. A cheeky lady.
Weird but true. Boo and i work at the same place. Meanwhile Boo's bf is a friend of Chekgu.
We double date sometimes.

Before this i never knew that Kak Zatul is doing her master. I wish her luck. She still has until end of next year to complete it. Meanwhile, Boo and Ermey have completed their master in their respective field. Leaving Kak Zatul and i struggling to finish what we have already started. I am currently in my final semester hoping to complete my thesis and my study by this year. InsyaAllah.

By the way, since i am talking about master degree, i would like to congratulate my beloved not-so-little sister, Amalina Azmi and Ermey for their coming convocation day. I pray that both of you will have good career that will lead you to a good life. Sob Sob Sob. Its kinda emotional when you realize people around you is a kid/ teenager no more. They grow older and wiser as the time goes by. Time flies right? Hehe...i guess i'll be very busy buying flowers or teddy for their convocation day =)

Signing off.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Emergency Entry!

Sila hubungi talian 999.


Sebab saya injured.


Saket.....lutot saya luka.

Nurse tengah bersihkan luka.

Nurse tengah bubuh iodin. Pedih laaaa...

Lutot dah selamat kene plaster.

Selipar yg dibelikan Chekgu di KLCC gara-gara kaki melecet. Nasib ade sale.
Maceh Chekgu..

Selipar yang berjasa di saat kecemasan. Maceh =)

nota kaki: Kawan-kawan, doa lutot sy semboh tanpa secalit parot yer. Nanti Chekgu kate hantaran tolak seribu ringgit....uuwwaaaaaa T_T
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Friday, July 23, 2010

I wish i can do this everyday..... =)

12.00 Noon.



Dessert's Bar.

As my tummy growls, i walk elegantly with my Grey Lady Gagap wedges. Slowly and carefully, stepping on the stairs with this 3 inches wedges. I do not want to create any scene here as its lunch time and there a lot of homo sapiens around (Malu nanti).

At the counter, Ermey and i ordered our food. Starving but still we maintained our face. I didn't have my breakfast as usual so i think that explain why i was so0o0o hungry. Spoilt by choices. I opt to have Bread Butter Pudding with Vanilla Sauce and one basket of Onion Rings. Enough to keep my tummy quiet until 6pm. As for Ermey, she ordered Grilled Chicken and Portabello Wrap with Raspberry smoothie.

Still in the Diva mood, we chose one table facing the lake. While the wind blows our hair (Owh, so Titanick ok!), we chit chat a lil bit. We miss our another lunch buddy, Miss Boo. She's on leave. Perhaps next time we have our luncheon session here with Boo (Rite Boo? as if she reads this lah kan =p).

Not long after that, food are serve. Looking so delicious which make us so eager to try.

Onion Ring RM5.00

Grilled Chicken and Portabello Wrap RM 13.90

Bread Butter Pudding with Vanilla Sauce RM 5.80

Ermomok showing Boobs-rings ;)

Cam-whoring session is must ok. Sila jgn jemu ok ;)

And both of us are now full and just cant wait for weekend =)
Happy holiday.

-The End-
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Please help me find it!

Marc D. Hauser, Moral Minds: How Nature Designed Our Universal Sense of Right and Wrong,
New York: Ecco, 2006.

Have you came across this book in any book store? or Do you own this book? If either of the answer is YES, do let me know. I
f possible
i would like to borrow this book or to buy this book. This book is important for me to complete my assignment. I already tried to search for this book by using MPH and Kinokuniya website but failed. Readers, friends, do help me k? In the mean time, i will try to check this book at our local book store.

Thanks =)
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010