Friday, June 14, 2013

Talking about yesterday.

Assalamualaikum and good day dearies :) day has become calmer day by day. I aint an octopus anymore. Syukur :) Sometimes it is very tiring when u try to complete so many tasks at one time. Not to complain but i am here to express how relief i am because of this transfer. Yeah. I applied for an inter transfer and i am finally here. Doing a portion of my previous office thingy. Since i can focus more on my work , i will try to strive the best. My promise that i will make sure that my work will reflect the best of me. InsyaAllah.

New friends here but of course i will not forget my Joyah gang. Joyah's are the best. Nothing artificial or pretentious. Its just us. Plain jane with the most horrendous laugh but with good heart. You know who you are ok! 

I sorted some of my personal things and i can see it going somewhere but i have yet to figure out where it is heading to... Blur direction still. Nonetheless, at least i did something to sort things out. What thing? Shhh...let it be a secret. is not my resume. I have yet to update my resume. MALAS. Yes, i know. Tertulis besar-besar kat dahi saya, MALAS. T_T

Well, thats about me for this week. A calm week but has its own bitter sweet macam cokelat Hershey's. Adios...and have a good weekend.

nota kaki: Someone cute texted me "Bukan dia tapi aku - Judika". Thanks. Nanti kita karaoke yuk? ;)

Last and of course not least. Ehem. The writer at her new workplace and what she did yesterday ;)


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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ais krim Ikan. Pernah dengar?

Di saat-saat sedang berpuasa ni, macam-macam nak makan. Eh-eh...belom Ramadhan lagi tapi puasa sunat daa. Lagilah banyak dugaan. Tadi ade cakoi di depan mate. Alahaiiiiii...sodapnyer! Berbalik kepada topik nun di atas pernah dengar tak? Ais krim ikan nama di beri...ola oli..hihi

At the moment im craving to have this so called Ais Krim Ikan (name given by me). It is actually a fish shaped vanilla ice cream with red beans inside it. I wish i can tell how heavenly the ice cream is. Kesedapan dia sampai tengiang ngiang ke hari ni. 
Nak tengok ais krim tu tak? Sila lihat di bawah.

 Comel kan ikan tu? Samanco (macam company saman!) boleh didapati di peti ais krim Oiso. Tak jauh, Bangsar South aje. Kalau beli tu, tolong belikan untuk saya sekali eh. Tapi serious sedap tau... tak rugi kalau ente mencubanya.

Annyeonghi gaseyo!

Ceh...berbahase korea kunun :P
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Koleksi Baju Raya 2013 yang bakal keluar.

Tengok tajuk pun dah tahu. Maka dengan relanya.....saya nak kongsi links para designer muda yang bakal mengeluarkan koleksi raya 2013 mereka yg tersendiri. Kalau pereka-pereka terkenal dah pun keluarkan koleksi mereka, kite alih pula sekejap pandangan kite kepada pereka muda yang sah sah masih muda tp berbakat besar dalam menghasilkan baju yang cukup mempesona. Ok, cukuplah ayat ala pengacara Nona. Kite tengok link-link pereka muda. Ok? Oh ya lepas check it out tu...jgn lupe bookmark. Dari pengamatan saya pd tahun lepas, dalam beberapa minit baju sudah sold out. Jadi bookmark yer!

 More tips BELOW on how to grab your young designers' raya collection FAST!

She creates fantastic wardrobe be it for casual or for your raya outfit. Your baju raya 2013 will definitely be an eye catcher during raya. I cant wait. What say u? ;)


She is new but very very talented. Most of the she sews Baju Pengantin however this time she comes a her own Baju Raya 2013 Collection.  Detailing is her forte. So please expect something cute and 3D in her collection. Way to go, Aainaa! ;)


This blog loves to leave me in the eager mood to shop. So this time...same thing happen. I am eagerly waiting for their Baju Raya 2013 Collection. The sneak peak is just a black skirt. Not helping much. Tick tock! Can we have more teaser? Puhleeezzz..


Tips on how to grab hot selling items in online shopping.

1. Launch the website early. As early as one hour before the releasing time. Releasing time is where they starts selling the item.

2. Duplicate the website and put them side by side. Reason being? The 1st tab is for you to insert the particulars like your address and such. Meanwhile the 2nd tab is where you will keep on hitting the refresh button so that you can be the 1st to view the hot selling items. Bingo!

3. Make sure you are a registered member of that website. Login to the website before the releasing time. I usually login an hour before the releasing time ;)

4.  Usually the website will provide the measurement lists first. So, ukur baju di badan sendiri. Pick your size. If you are unsure, always takes one size bigger. Worst case, you can alter the baju. If one size smaller, you are left with 2 choices..its either you lose weight like hell or sell it to others. The choice is yours! :)

5. Check which bank is affiliated with their website. You dont want to end up like a loser dont you? You are set to shop and suddenly your bank is not affiliated with them. Such a waste right? A big No No sisters ;)

6. When the time comes, grab and purchase anything of your likings. If you are taking orders on behalf of your friend, dont wait if they are acting like a snail....end up you will have nothing. Just buy for you first and put others as second of your priority. I aint talking about selfish here but i am guiding on how to grab the most hot selling items, remember? Jgn lari topikkkk :)

7. Dont panic. Stay Calm and Have Fun Shopping =)

Thank you for your time and shop smart!


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Monday, June 3, 2013

Baju Raya 2013

Tadi baru je insaf buat entry Ramadhan. Nah, sekarang cerita baju raya pula. Oh, maafkan saya! I just couldnt resist to share about some links that i found over the net in regards of baju raya. Al-maklumlah...tahun ni baju beli saje sebab tailor sebok dengan urusan keluarga. Tapi takpe...take it as a challenge. Tak pernah lagi tak tempah baju raya...ini kalilah! Ini kalilah kite beli saje. Fokus adelah pada baju mak and my sisters. Brothers? Hurmm...they prefer not to have a new one. Lagipun bukan pakai lama pun. Ok fine.

I know that most of you did your homework already about baju raya. I can see some bloggers posted on baju raya collection for 2013 however it doesnt stop to share my findings as well. Sharing is caring. Aint it right? *wink*

The first that lead the list is...

Their forte is Mermaid Batik Skirts. I bought a few so does my friends. Very traditional with a lil bit of modern style. RM65 for the batik skirts alone. Seriously nice!

This is a pre-order. Your order according to your preference on the colors and pattern and they will make for you. Price is very very affordable. Starts from RM140. I didn't buy yet...plan to.. 

They sells pre-order. The designs are very up to date. With an arrays of cloth type and patterns for you to choose. The good news is...they are now having sales! Their baju raya starts from RM100. Terbeliak bijik mata kannnnn? O_O

This online stores sells gorgeous clutches and shawls will price that is way way low. I can bet that theirs are the lowest in town and the lowest on net! Dig in before its tooooo late ;) Price start from RM22. Weehoooo!

 So wait no more. Click all the links that i have given you ;) I will keep you update on any Raya 2013 Collections with affordable prices. For Jovian, Rizalman and so forth you can might as well google. I dont think its necessary for me to repeat here. Senang cakap, itu semua orang tahu...hihi.

Happy shopping dearies!


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37 days towards Ramadhan :)

It feels like in a blink that Ramadhan will visit us once again. I wish for a good health and long live (for family and friends too!) so that i can taste the sweetness of Ramadhan which is the month will full barakath. 

I still remember my last Ramadhan which has its own ups and down. It was the most challenging Ramadhan, emotionally. However, i am so glad that it was over. Now, i excitedly look forward for this coming Ramadhan. Hopefully, this will be the best Ramadhan for me and for you too =) Now, i have to  quickly "ganti puasa" before its too late! Ha Ha Ha. Ganti puasa last minute is sooooo me. Ya Allah, please pardon me. Nakal sangat saya ni >.<

I have so many hope for this Ramadhan. So, lets just hope for the best. Some of my hopes are..

1. Jangan membazir ketika di bazar Ramadhan. Tsk! It hurts.
2. Nak terawih byk-byk hari...pastu nak try terawih 21 rakaat. Gulp!
3. Nak terawih dgn family dan di Kuantan.
4. Pakai sopan sket time Ramadhan. Karang kurang pahale orang lain. InsyaAllah :)
5. Untuk bangun sahur dengan rajinnya. Rasa mcm tak pernah bgn sahur kut last year. Ade sekali dua je. Lebih utamakan mata, itu padahnya.
6. Luangkan masa dengan Wan dan Nenet. Buke sama-sama ke...terawih sama-sama mcm last year. Seronok seronok seronok!
7. Kurangkan berjoyah. Biar Abg Nara je berjoyah dgn Abg Oh Bulan :P

And list goes on and on and on..phew!

InsyaAllah, with God wills...i will try to make it happen. Hope OUR Ramadhan will be a good one this year. Lets hope and make sure that its happen. Toksah sibuk sgt uli kuih raya kak ton. Kite order je tahun ni....banyakkan ibadah <-- aku="" cakap.="" hehe.="" je="" nbsp="" pandai--="" pandai="">
Okay, lets wrap this entry with some of my unpublished photos recently. Kate rindu kan?

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