Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Iftar at Canoodling Bangsar

My sister and i enjoyed being single (not married) as we get to pick our place for berbuka puasa.
No need to rush to prepare dishes for berbuka puasa...
No need to think of what to cook...
No need!
All we need is to order, eat and pay :)

Yesterday, we pick Canoodling, Bangsar.
My sister really craved for their good food.
So, we ordered Marmite Chicken (RM19.90) and Squids with salted egg (RM19.90) with plain rice and drinks. 
Not to forget our Roti John bought at Bangsar's Bazaar Ramadhan!
Wallah....the bazaar this year is better than last year.
So, im thinking to re-visit their bazaar soon.

Right after iftar, we headed to Masjid Bangsar for our Maghrib, Isya and terawih.
The best thing about this mosque is the jemaah is very friendly. 
We sat next to a soft spoken and nice aunty.
Just after the 8th rakaat, we shake hand (salam) with the jemaah including her..
She said, "Come again to Masjid Bangsar. It is so nice to meet both of you. Datang yer".

Enough said, let me feast your eyes with our orders for yesternite's iftar.
Tadhaaaaaa :)

p/s: What's for iftar today? Hurmmmm..... Where to breakfast near Sunway?
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Salam Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan..
Doa saya agar Ramadhan kali ini lebih berkat dan bermakna untuk semua.
Maafkan atas salah dan silap saya..
Sama-sama kita nikmati Ramadhan ini :)
Korang....please puasa ok!
Ponteng puasa is not cool tau!

nota kaki: Ingat niat puasa tak? hehe....
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

A gift with love..

Happy Monday lovelies!
Hope our Monday will be a good one with less work and more fun..
Haha...hopefully right?
My monday morning is sailing quite smoothly hiccups, yet! ;)
One of the reason of my good monday morning is related to what i had during weekend.
A short getaway and a gift.
Getaway and Gift.
I received this...from him.

Ted Baker Belecon in Pale Pink.
I love it to bit!
Beaming beaming...haha
Thanks awak :)

nota kaki: syukur.

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