Monday, October 25, 2010

Sesat Barat Hanya Kerana Dia

Yer! Hanya kerana dia. Seorang insan yang bernama Ceda. Pagi-pagi lagi aku dah bangun. Kata Anis mahu menghadiri majlis perkahwinan Ceda. Kata beliau juga awal-awal pagi lagi mahu keluar untuk breakfast dan kemudiannya ke rumah husband Ceda. Korang mahu tahu ape jadik?? Cik Yamie dan Cik Shiela baru celik mata. Tahi mata mungkin masih berkerak di mata. Itu ler...asik kata aku je lambat siap. Sekarang ni Shiela dan Yamie sila pegang title yang telah sekian lama ku pegang. Tak gitu anis? Hehe

Then off we go to IOI Mall Puchong untuk bersarapan pagi. Oleh kerna cik Anis perot melayu pagi tu, haruslah tawaf satu mall untuk cari sarapan melayu. Ikotkan aku, Subway pun buleh... Maka, tawaflah kami di segenap pelusuk mall itu. Banyak kedai tak buka sebab belum pukul 10 pagi lagi. Alih-alih terjumpa food court jusco. Anis yg kebulur terus order dan ngap tanpa menunggu aku dan shiela yg terkedek-kedek nak bayar pesanan kami. (Maaf tiada gambar. Mood pagi).

Lepas makan dan jalan-jalan cari hadiah kawin, kami pun bergerak menuju ke rumah husband Ceda. Kami ikot panduan peta dekat kad kawin. Korang nak tau lagi tak??? Kami sesat! Yer..sesat gara-gara tak nampak 2 ekor petrol pump. Kami terlepas simpang. Kemudian pusingan U dibuat untuk patah balik. Nasib baik terlajak perahu boleh diundur kan kan kan? ;) Akhirnya sampai juga kami ke destinasi yang ditujui (ayat klise time exam karangan bm). Tapi naseb jugak kami tak salah rumah sebab ade 2 kenduri di kawasan yang sama. Hehe...

Sampai-sampai je hidung aku terhidu bau nasi beriani. Whoa...! Nasi beriani udang u! Nina like :) Tanpa segan silu kami makan dulu sebab pengantin x sampai lagi. Traffic jam kot :P Macam-macam ada kat sana...siap ada tapai. Kat tempat aku tapai bukan satu kemestian. Kat Kuantan satu kemestian dia adalah Puding Raja. Uuuuuu sedapnya. Tak tahu puding raja? Kesiannn...sile Google ok? Bak kate omputeh, Google is God. Itu omputeh la..ommelayu macam aku cakap, Google is Good. Hehe. Beza tu yer tuan-tuan dan puan-puan... ;)

Perot kenyang..hati pun manyak senang wor. Maka bergambarlah kami sampai ler pengantin datang. Jemput tengok yer gambar-gambar yang tak seberapa nak banyak. Takot lak orang saket mata nengok kami sakan bergambar. Al-kisahhh...... Ha, jemput tengok, jemput tengok..jangan malu-malu yer :)

Memang hidangan kawen paling marvelous pernah aku rasa. Yer..ada tempe disitu. Khir Toyo, u want some? ;)

Chek Adek yg manes-manes belaka. Yamie mana? Yamie kurang manes. So she is not in the picture :P

Walau ko tak manes. Tapi ko chantek berkebaya ;)

Si bucuk Shiela yg manes bila senyum. Kalau tak senyum? Ana pun lari naik unta laa...

"Kerana diriku begitu berharga.."
Eh, mana pengantin??
Ni dia pengantinnya. Ceda dan pasangan.

Kami terjah pelamin mereka!

Ceda dah kawen. Cik Anis bila pula yer? Jangan tunggu lama-lama yer...


nota kaki: Semoga berbahagia yer Ceda...Doakan kami yg belum berkahwin lagi ni yer ;)

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tahniah Adda!

Seorang ahli kongsi gelap Tri-Angels selamat melangsungkan perkahwinan beliau pada 2 Oktober 2010 bertempat di Kuantan Pahang. Akhirnya perjalanan mencari cinta berakhir dengan satu ikatan yang suci. Doa saya agar Cik Adda akan menjadi isteri, kawan baik, dan gf kepada Encik Padel tersayang. Lepas jadi isteri jangan lah lupe kami yg single-single ni ;) Sesi melepak masih wajib ke atas anda yer...tiada kompromi ;)

Tahniah Adda!

Two Tri-Angels are in the picture. One Tri-Angel is typing this.

Upacara Membatalkan Air Sembahyang

Majlis Nikah

Majlis Resepsi

nota kaki: Kamu berdua comel. cocok bangat!
nota jari kaki: Maaf atas ketidakhadiran saya T_T
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Monday, October 4, 2010

DiGi Easy Prepaid vs DiGi Campus Prepaid


Those are among the top telco provider in Malaysia. I am once a Blue and Red user. However, i have engaged myself with the yellow one quite a while. DiGi understands their customer needs really well, thus, i have been loyal to DiGi ever-since that.(Please note that this is not a paid advert.Thanks).

Currently i am a DiGi Campus Prepaid user. The day when they launched the DiGi Campus Prepaid, i went all the way from Sunway to Berjaya Times Square (BTS) just to subscribe the plan. Reason why i opted for DiGi BTS is because (i) the branch is still open until 10pm and operates everyday (ii) other small branches failed to provide adequate information to me; including the operators (iii) accessible by public transportation (iv) Friendly and helpful staff. However sadly, the plan can only be subscribed the day after the launch. A bit disappointed but i didn't give up.

The next day, again i have to repeat my long journey to BTS in order to fulfill my dreams. I managed to purchase the DiGi Prepaid Campus starter pack. According to the person in charge, im the first one to purchase the DiGi Prepaid Campus starter pack at DiGi BTS and they apologize for the delay in processing the form since its a new product. Not long after that, i was officially registered under DiGi Prepaid Campus. Yipeee!

This morning, while browsing my Facebook account, i came across one DiGi advertisement on FB. I clicked on that an was directed to DiGi FB. Then again i clicked on the URL given in order to view the new plan from DiGi. Again, DiGi managed to WOW-ed me with their latest offer V^o^V. Should i get another plan or should i just stay with DiGi Prepaid Campus ? Lets do the comparison.

Click here for a better view ;)

Hurm...after comparing these 2 prepaid plan, i somehow still in love with Digi Campus Prepaid Plan. Although i have to use minimum RM2 to enjoy free calls and sms to people in the same network, but it is still worthwhile. On top of that, i get to enjoy flat call rates to all network. Meaning, this plan is not very bias to other network. Being me who has more friends subscribing the Blue and Red, Digi Campus Prepaid is definitely the right choice!

Nevertheless, Digi Easy Prepaid is something all of us can look into. This plan pretty much suits for couples. If DiGi by any chance can come up with Couples Promo for its Digi Easy Prepaid Plan, it will be a hit in the market. Just imagine if Digi offers (i) Nice couple numbers (ii) Freebies for couples such as couple key chain and etc (iii) Couple Essay and Picture Contest on, "Digi Easy Prepaid is the key to our relationship because......" and winners will be featured in ad and entitle to win couple phones from Digi. How cool is that? It's like killing two birds with one stone.Instead of one customer, you'll get two customers. Awesomeness! Enough about marketing.Period.

So ladies and gentlemen, the decision is yours. Please mind that all the facts are taken from Digi website and from my experience interacting with Digi customer service. I hope all the informations above is suffice for one to make a decision. Digi, simply a better choice ;)

nota kaki: Dear DiGi, September was my birthday month. My cheap handphone is 60% on his way to die. Please be kind to me. An Iphone 4 would do. Hehe~

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Twenty Six Candles for Me - Part 1

One fine day, 6 friends decided to meet for a raya gathering. So, after a mess discussion here and there we have decided to meet

On the 23rd of September
After work
At Little Penang Midvalley.

Since it will be a raya gathering, so some of us has decided to wear baju kurung, baju kebaya and etc. As for me, i'll be wearing a simple and comfortable baju kurung. Oh, i just cant wait to meet the girls!

So on that day, i went to Midvalley right after work and manage to arrive at 6.45pm, So, i secured the place first and patiently waiting for them. If you use the Federal Highway quite frequent you will know how jam is the place. So, i texted all the pretty ladies to use Bangsar as an alternative way to go Midvalley due to the massive jam. Not to murmur but how can one face all the jams everyday?Like almost everyday....and its worst during raining days. Enough about the jam, suddenly im kinda thinking about strawberry jam...sweet :)

Not long after that, i can see pretty faces smiling and waving at me. It's them! But, Ermey is still stuck in the jam. Poor Ermey :( So we decided to order first as we were very famished at that time. You can literally hear my tummy growled. Hehe. Malu. I had special Char Kuey Tiaw which entitled for me to have extra seafood in my plate. Yipee! This seafood lover has a smile on her face. But i doubt i can finish it all..hehe. Typical me.

Tot and Nina.
Ayunk, Eja and Zura.
Eja, Zura and Me.
The Late Couple. Ermey and Farid.

It so long after i last met Tot. So all of us try to catch up a lil bit of each other while waiting for Ermey and her fiance. Forgot to mention but we took a lotsa pictures. It takes a while for me to edit and resize the pictures. Sweating! But luckily i use Rexona Shower Clean, it makes me stay fresh all day long!(Please note that this is not a paid advert.Thanks). I use to buy it before, but like a few months back i receive a lot of Rexona Shower Clean samples.Who doesn't like free stuff rite? I have used a few bottles and im impressed. No stain and no pain. I love it! Oh, back to main story...hehe

Tangan Gergasi. It was Tot's idea.Fun indeed.

Then, finally the couple arrived......arrived with a box of cake v^o^v. The cake is for me. Hehe. I celebrated my 26th birthday on the 22nd of September. So now it has became a raya gath cum Nina birthday celebration. Thanks for the surprise Ermey & Farid! I think they knew that Chekgu is far away apart from me and how possible it could be for Chekgu to come and celebrate my birthday during weekdays. Someone gotta work ok... But the main reason i think is because Ermey love me so0o0o mucho. Perasan? Let me be...

"(colby): Its your birthday
So tell me what you want to

(mizz nina ): Its my birthday
I really wanna get with you"

Oh my! I dont know how to express my happiness. Despite of any difficulties that i faced, i thank God for letting me to have my mom, siblings, great auntie and uncles (i miss arwah deep and so much), grannies (miss arwah Tok...Tok, takde orang tunggu saya bangun tido untuk breakfast sama-sama dah.tsk~), friends and of course him. I feel that im blessed. Its not that i have everything and a perfect life...but i have great people around me. Someone that i share stories with, feelings, sorrows, susah senang, money, and many more. Ok, i almost burst out in tears. So i better stop. To those whom i heart, only one simple word with one big meaning, THANKS.

Happy 26th Birthday to me!

- The End -
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