Friday, December 17, 2010

Yes, call me a cheapskate ;)

Yes! Call me whatever you want but i don't bother to buy your words. kidding. Im not that emotional.
Just to let you know that i had these to start my morning today and they are FREE!
Sharing is i would love to share what freebies that i got.

Air kotak peel fresh didatangkan khas dgn newspaper The Sun hari ni...for LRT user only :)

FREE Starbuks Black Coffee to all from 10-12noon only for today!
(sadly its until 12 noon only..)

Again, Subway buy 1 free 1 coupon ending 6th of January 2011.


Once in a while its good to have these kind of freebies in your life. December is a month of sharing, giving and saving to most of us. So enjoy your December to the fullest!


nota kaki: A good start for a day! Cant wait to meet Chekgu after work. He's coming down to KL today. Have a safe journey sweetums!

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Its the end!

Read the tittle loudly! No no no...not with anger but with excitement tones.
Haha...yeah! Its the end..finally!
The end of all my weekend miseries and early wakes up.
I have finished all my papers on last Friday the 3rd v^o^v
Happy? I am!
Its the beginning of thesis chapter, late wakes up during the weekend and hanging out here and there.
I am like a free bird now.
I bag your pardon? Thesis? Peanuts! Haha.. (yeah right, Nina! Actually, she is just trying not to think of it :P)
Again? What if i fail? Think +ve people! (Nina is trying not to think way to0o0o0o much :P)

You can Dahari is still holding his notes. or was it a tisue? Dont crylah bro! ;)

Peace sign from Kak Lela. How can i be at peace when i only read 1-2 notes -_-"

Right after the examination. *Lompat Bintang + Lompat Katak*

My crime-last-minutes-assignments partner! Hi 5 Vaani ;)

The Malaysian Next CEO ;) UFO, no?

Kakak-Kakak :) (jgn marah..i adek bongsu ok!)

To all: I wish and pray for your success and happiness.

-The End-

nota kaki: Nina is currently doing her lompat bintang in the office now.DND.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yes, i'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all.

- Any comment on that?-

This piece of sentence is taken from the lyrics of Need You Now by Lady Antebellum. A very deep but yet so meaningful for some of us. There are people who dont mind to hurt rather than feel nothing at all. This case do not apply to all but only to a small number of people; especially woman. Woman, herself is very soft, fragile but very tough despite of all the miseries that she faced. Allow me to add another character of woman that one's always see but one's always takes it for granted; Woman always forgives. However, do bear in mind that Woman will hardly forgets. Another incident happen again, might makes a woman forgets everything about YOU!Hahaha...So be careful...i mean really careful with what you do or plan to do to woman ;)

Mind to share your stories?

-The End-
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Pernah kene dgn blogger lain tak?

Mesti pernah.....takkan tak pernah. Bukan kene mandrem atau kene dajal tapi kene tag. Kali ni saya kene tag dengan Cik Syahira. Tag pasal ape ye? Jom tengok...!

1. Update wallpaper anda guna sekarang.
2. Cerita pasal gambar ni?
Nothing special about this wallpaper. Cuma mungkin saya suka gambar-gambar berkaitan hal perempuan...mcm shopping ;p

3. Kali terakhir makan pizza?
Errrr.....mungkin masa dgn Chekgu...months back. Maaf tak berapa nak ingat...byk sgt termakan semut kut :P

4. Lagu terakhir anda dengar?
Aku Cinta Padamu - Siti Nurhaliza. Radio yg mainkan....saya dgr aje ;)

5. Selain nama sendiri, anda di panggil dengan nama apa?
Kak Long (paling pemes), Abby (family belah abah), Sayang(chekgu), Nina (most of my friends). Tu jer kot..oh ya...kalau cik anis baca ni, sila jgn tokok tambah yer! ;)

6. Blog yg selalu anda baca? (ini soalan tambahan pertama)

7. Mood anda hari ni? (ini soalan tambahan kedua)
Cacamarba.Campur aduk. Yg penting tak berapa nak best utk start the day :-/

8. Luahan hati dalam satu perkataan. (ini soalan tambahan terakhir)

Tag lagi 5 orang? Saya pilih mereka ni...cuma saya nak tambah soalan sket. 5 soalan tak thrill lah ;)
2. Eira
3. Mia
5. Nora

Sekian :-)

nota kaki: i need a good start for the week :-/
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sayonara semua..

Sayonara buat semua yg sudi menjengah blog ini.
Sepanjang ketiadaan saya, korang tolonglah bersihkan sawang dan habuk dekat blog ni yer.
Lap sana sket.....cuci sini sket. Kasi bersih ya ^_^"
Saya pergi tak lama. Kejap je...
Rhendu? Janganlaaaa.....nnt Chekgu i jeles ^_^"
Esok saya cuti. Esok saya ade paper yg perlu dijawab.Esok juga saya balik Kuantan.
Rhendu nak round satu Kuantan. Rhendu kat keropok Mok Na.Rhendu karipap Taman Gelora.
Pendek kate serba serbi rhendu laaa.
Tapi saya lagi rhendu kan mereka ni semua.

Saya rhendu kamu juga! Hoho.
Korang semua jaga diri tau...jgn conteng sana sini ok?
I je boleh conteng blog ni..hehe
Adios krompes! Sayonara!

nota kaki: Rhendu kamoo juga Chekgu. Rhendu token juga.Uhuk!
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