Monday, January 21, 2013

Another bouquet!

Yup! Another bouquet for me (Sila baca dangan nada yang humble tapi terkujat sambil membeliakkan mata). It is so unexpected since he just wanted to pass me, my dinner that he bought. How thoughtful! Urm well...being a typical woman, who doesn't like flowers right? So, he put a smile on my naked face that evening. All i can say is thank you and thank you, again :)

Food and flowers. 
Enough to brighten up my day :)

Thank you, Mr!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Banana Leaf Rice.

I had this for early dinner yesterday at Sri Nirwana. What say you? 
I would say that is a lotttttt! Seriously.
The  waiter that served me was very very generous. He just cant stop scooping the rice, curry, and all the side dishes onto my banana leaf. When i say stop, what he did is smile and continue scooping.
He left me in awe. After finish scooping, his last sentence was, "Share ...share 3 people". Just for your info, my sis and our friend did order theirs as well. So you guys tell me whether or not i can finish this.

I am referring to this mounted banana leaf rice. Oh dear! ;(

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A bouquet at my doorstep.

On the date above, i received this lovely bouquet. This bouquet is actually been placed on my doorstep when i am not at home. Around 9pm, as i walked towards my home sweet home, i saw this from far.
I rushed towards (as my sister whom is with me trying hard to  rush for this too. haha. i won!).
Wondering whom the sender is.
However, i could roughly guess whom the little birdie is.

I called him. Asked him.
He replied " A sender should leave a note or something. You might want to check carefully".
I saw a small note in between the bouquet.
From the beginning i knew it was him. On top of it, nobody calls me Adik Giant except for him!

A little note to u, the sender:

Thank you for the roses. Love them so much. They are beautiful indeed (just like me. lol!)
However, my life can be more beautiful if you could send this bouquet together with Iphone 5.
Nonetheless, thank you!
IMU too.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Lunch at Zang Toi.

Last December, i had lunch with my family at Zang Toi Cafe, Pavillion. His Banana Choc Cake is the main reason on why i re-visit this cafe. The Banana Choc Cake is soooooo nice until it touches your heart and makes you wanting more!

Ah well, but this entry is not to focus about their food but to focus on those happy faces, my family. My mom and Azreen pay us a visit during that school holiday for shopping. For my sister, Azreen, she just need to point on what she wants and her sisters will pay for her. Thats how the system works. Pffft! Lucky her! Nevermind, as long as she promised to strive hard for upcoming PMR this. Pray for her ok?

Now its pictures time! These are the only pictures that i managed to capture with my humble and cheapo handphone. Quality is not there but the moments remain forever.

Happy scrolling!

Krikkk..Krikkk..Krikk. Bunyi cengkerik.Cuz nobody scrolls.


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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Comfy Wears for Shopping!

Shopping can be so tiring at times. This pictures are tall taken at Ikea. I decided to to rest for a while before continue shopping...and shopping again. Oh ok, i lie! I went straight home after this tiring shopping session. Phew!

Self captured this picture to just show what i wear when i shop and what i have bought. Nothing special but i just love to share. (not showing off ok)

Can you see my pretty H&M Pink and Mint Snakes Skin clutch? Oh, i forgot to tell you about my love-hate relationship with snakes. Errrr...i mean I love snakes skin but not the snake, itself. No, thanks. Not interested with snakes though.

Ooopsie. Showing off my pale skinny jeans from Brands Outlet. So comfy! Not to forget my new pillows! But however, i put them at my mom's house. 

Now, showing the latest addition for my shoes collection. A sneak peak before i show you the close up.

Ah, this is the close up. Please pardon my foot. This sandal has some snake skin on it. See! I cant get enough of snake skin thingy. I bought this pair of sandal from Zang Toi. I love the color and the fact that it has some snake skin on it. Again, the snake skin! I think one day, i will show you all my snake skins' collection. Be it the shoes, bags, clothes and any other things.

Well, thats all for now. I need to go home.
My brain is tired.
Shutting down computer in 5 minutes.
Bye sweeties and sweetums!~

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Just too sweet to handle ❤

How do u feel if you are behaving like an octopus at your workplace? Just imagine an octopus is trying hard (is it?) to accomplish all of her task within given timeline (bajet rajin!). With her hand typing this, her mind thinking about that and her list getting longer (bajet rajin again!)! Mind you, its not pretty at all!

I begun to feel the stress around me. Stress that later leads me to crave for an ice cream as a dosage to cure the stress, itself. I am not a fan of ice cream so believe me that whenever i ask for ice cream meaning my stress level is reaching its ceiling.

Yesterday, i just couldnt handle my stress so put up this on FB without expecting anything.

However, my wish on FB came true when someone gave me this during dinner last night. Mind you that this ice cream came together with a spoon. His spoon. Well, to tell you the truth, i cant stop smiling  ear to ear! Haha. According to him, that ice cream is to ease my stress. Urm well, i think it works. Lol!

Anyway, thank you Mr! You are just too sweet to handle just like the ice cream.

Can you see my hand eagerly scooping on that ice cream? Time waits for no one so does ice cream. It will melt if i dont scoop it straight to my mouth, ok!
Nyum nyum.

Bon appetit sweeties and sweetums!
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Monday, January 7, 2013

Bunga di stesen minyak.

Saya dapat bunga ni di stesen minyak.
Di petik kemudian terus di hantar ke cermin kereta.
Bunga raya pun bunga raya lah.
Janji bunga!
Kepada si pemberi, terima kasih ya.


nota kaki: dah lama tak dapat bunga.
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year 2013.

Sunset at Kuala Kurau.

Happy new year, sweeties and sweetums!
May God bless us in our journey throughout 2013.

Nevertheless, goodbye 2012. 
Thank you for all the bitter sweet memories and the ups and down that have taught me about life itself. 
I will never be this strong without u, 2012.
Thank you, again.

Take care.

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