Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coconut bra and coconut leaves skirt

Tomorrow onwards i will be officially away from Kuala Lumpur. Its like having a big relief when i can finally forget about my work! You dont have any idea how suffer i am dealing with people and thousands (metaphor ;p) of papers. I can hardly find my pen on my own table @_@.

I am going to an island with crystal clear water and coral re
ef. Sounded more like an advert to me. Lol! I just hope that the reefs are still alive. On top of that, I keep on reminding myself to bring bread for the little fish. Together with my buddies, i seriously cant wait! (although i claimed in FB im not in the mood of packing). By the way, who loves packing, rite?!Urghhhh..!

Its now 1am in the morning and yet i havent finish packing up my things. Sunnies, pretty hat, rubber slipper, undies, camera, necklace??, is somewhere errrr.....i think might be in this room. I can only see my hat now. All right fellow readers, i think if i spend more time typing and sharing my excited-ness..i will end up wearing coconut shell as my bra and some coconut leaves as my skirt. Better not to! Its an eyesore i promise u!

Good nite and assalamualaikum ;)

nota kaki: pray for my safety is must for u guys n gurls. hehe

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I want to grow old with you =)

Second years of celebration at G Tower.

I knew this guy for almost 2 years and half already.Frankly, he was not the love from the first sight. However, he did catch my attention.Very!!Hehe.. A very distinguish guy. Not that i say that he is perfect but we compliment each other in both positive and negative ways. Nobody is perfect anyway ;) We learn each other and Khairuddin if you are reading this piece of writing, i just want to say that, I am learning you, still.. =) Please be good and behave well. No more kidding around, ok?!

TWO is better than ONE ;)

This year our relationship turns into TWO! Yeay! Sometimes i do wonder how did i manage to keep this relationship up until TWO years. Its not an easy task to handle this guy named Khairuddin. Waking him up in the morning ... reminding this and that... layan his kerenah.. its like baby-sitting. I am not complaining. Though he sometimes can be very annoying (manja kunun!), but i like it. Just keep it that way,baby. I enjoy every bits and seconds when im with you.Haha!

Surprise..surprise! Surprised?

Regardless of his annoying-ness (of liking himself to be pampered all the time), i must acknowledge his good habits as well. It is very rare to see a guy whom is very good in folding clothes neatly. Oh, please keep it up baby! I am not even close to good in folding clothes (ironing too!). I put so much hopes on you in the future. Haha! I can imagine myself watching tv while you are busy folding clothes next to me. Sweet, ain't it? He is good in doing house chores. Just name a few, he is good at cleaning, folding and ironing the clothes, cleaning the house(kindly excludes toilet), and errrr......errrrrr.....gardening? Panas eh gardening? Fret not baby...i already bought Fair & Lovely for you. Haha! (too much of laughing i guess T_T).

Ahhh....i can see your eyes are in tears! Hah! Gotcha! :P

Anyway,anyhow..errr..anybody..yuhuuu??? I hope someone is listening to me right now :P Too much of babbling. However, this is how i express my feelings right now. I hope to read this when im old and cant stop smiling whereby the old Khairuddin will sit next to me with a tongkat in his hand. or perhaps i shall imagine him with all the wrinkles in the world, specky, dark and short? Bahahaha....Lets just hope that he skips reading this paragraph ;)

Yes..i know u love me :P (Perasan!)

We are TWO years in a relationship and still counting. Praise to Allah for this lovely gift which is to love and to be loved be it your beau, your family or your friends..Gambate Nina! You still have more years to count. InsyaAllah...


Ececececece. Dari kerana mate...

And the Prince and the Princess live happily ever after. The end.
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