Monday, June 3, 2013

Baju Raya 2013

Tadi baru je insaf buat entry Ramadhan. Nah, sekarang cerita baju raya pula. Oh, maafkan saya! I just couldnt resist to share about some links that i found over the net in regards of baju raya. Al-maklumlah...tahun ni baju beli saje sebab tailor sebok dengan urusan keluarga. Tapi takpe...take it as a challenge. Tak pernah lagi tak tempah baju raya...ini kalilah! Ini kalilah kite beli saje. Fokus adelah pada baju mak and my sisters. Brothers? Hurmm...they prefer not to have a new one. Lagipun bukan pakai lama pun. Ok fine.

I know that most of you did your homework already about baju raya. I can see some bloggers posted on baju raya collection for 2013 however it doesnt stop to share my findings as well. Sharing is caring. Aint it right? *wink*

The first that lead the list is...

Their forte is Mermaid Batik Skirts. I bought a few so does my friends. Very traditional with a lil bit of modern style. RM65 for the batik skirts alone. Seriously nice!

This is a pre-order. Your order according to your preference on the colors and pattern and they will make for you. Price is very very affordable. Starts from RM140. I didn't buy yet...plan to.. 

They sells pre-order. The designs are very up to date. With an arrays of cloth type and patterns for you to choose. The good news is...they are now having sales! Their baju raya starts from RM100. Terbeliak bijik mata kannnnn? O_O

This online stores sells gorgeous clutches and shawls will price that is way way low. I can bet that theirs are the lowest in town and the lowest on net! Dig in before its tooooo late ;) Price start from RM22. Weehoooo!

 So wait no more. Click all the links that i have given you ;) I will keep you update on any Raya 2013 Collections with affordable prices. For Jovian, Rizalman and so forth you can might as well google. I dont think its necessary for me to repeat here. Senang cakap, itu semua orang tahu...hihi.

Happy shopping dearies!


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