Monday, January 27, 2014

When we started to dedicate to each other...

It was last year, around this time when i received a phone call from him. "Tune to TV3. I dedicate this song to you". It was Anugerah Juara Lagu and Hafiz is singing Ku Akui that time. Guess what? Not knowing why but tears starts to glide on my cheek. Cis! Not pretty at all. To make it worst, i was with my prospect, having dinner in a restaurant with full of people. Worsen, my prospect couldn't take it easily. Of course he is bengang and jealous. My fault. Should have take that call somewhere but not in front of him. My bad.

This year round, i texted him. "TV3 please. This song is for you". Again, a song from Hafiz, Bahagiamu Deritaku. Haha. He replied " I am listening but i refused to understand". Lebih kurang begitulah. I couldn't help myself but to laugh. I found it funny. Funny because i can imagine his face while texting me. Haha.

The dark cloud has passed and i am now looking forward for a brighter day with rainbow and big fluffy coulds (and sunset too!) ;)

What say u?


Anonymous said...

mcm cantik je..mcm comel je..mcm bulat je :)

Anonymous said...

lama x update :(

Anonymous said...

judika- setengah mati merindu.

a.m.n.i.n.a said...

I know who you are! :)
U miss me? Hehe

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