Saturday, December 21, 2013

This is why i call them "besties"!

Just a short one.

Was at Emma's house for her engagement with her beau. You surely pretty much do not have any idea on how happy my friends and i to witness her engagement. It is not just a ceremony but a one level up before getting married. Sobs. Nasib la tak Ema tu asik gelak je...cemana nak touching. Truly happy  for her. She took quite a long time to open up her heart to someone else. Finally! Alhamdulillah.

Well...thats not the main point here. Not just yet. Just now, when i was making my way to her house with me carrying a hot lasagna and my wallet, Emma passed a bomb to me. Yeah, a bomb! Dia pass baby kecik kat aku. What was on her mind? Baby and me? Hurmmmm.

So i sat on the couch with the baby lazily sitting on my lap. Hmmph! Nasib tak menangis. So while sitting on the couch, i happily chit chatting with the gurls. Ye la....lama tak catch up. When suddenly, that baby barfed on my sleeves. I repeat, she barfed. I know la muntah susu kut. I seeked help from my girls and you know what happened? Emma, pro long her tele-conversation with her fiance sambil jeling jeling. Shiela,just look and smile at me. Yamie, a mother of one son, said "Nanti..nanti..." sambil tangan dia raba-raba beg. So i tot she wanted to pass me a tissue ke....macam sweet lah kan..guess what? Dia cakap "Mana boleh miss moment ni. Bukan selalu" sambil tangan dia keluarkan hp and snap my photo and laughed. Oh ya, Shiela pun sambung.. "Once in a bluemoon kak nina...". Besties katanyer...Itulah besties aku. T_T

Gambar? Mimpilah. Memang takkan la letak kat sini. No No No.

Oklah. Thats about it only. Short but "sweet". Next time...please! Please dont pass your baby to me before she burp. Ok?

Bye! Nak mandi. Baby muntah kat baju.

What say u?


dueng said...

that's what friends are for. got to love them no matter what.

happy for emma finally finding her Mr Right. there is rainbow after the rain, just need to be patience and wait for it.

Anonymous said...


a.m.n.i.n.a said...

I think i gotta hold on to my faith in searching for rainbow after the rain.
Thank you :)

a.m.n.i.n.a said...

:) too