Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Lost Soul

It has been a while since i last posted my entry.  It has been a journey to find back my lost soul in writing and almost everything. Everything seems to be in a mess before and i just couldn't clean those mess.....alone. Yet, the mess is still there, some of it, part of it. In the same time, i have another mess waiting to be cleaned up. A new one. Duh!

With some left over strength, i try hard to mend the broken pieces of my heart. I try hard. I really try hard.
I do really really try hard.

Talking about heart matters, i have rest my case. I leave it to God. He is my best friend now, He is my crying shoulder, He is the one i pour my heart out. My sadness will make me near to Him. I know, i have long forgotten about Him but He is always there for me. Always.

Just to let you know, im in the midst of not contacting someone whom has been quite vulnerable to my heart, lately. I am sorry, candy. There is a reason of me doing that. It may sounds silly but i don't wanna act silly in front of you. My confidence, my strength is wearing thin but not my feeling towards you. Please remember that.

"Whenever im with you (virtually), my heart skips a beat."

Yours Truly.

What say u?


Anonymous said...

only god knows...

a.m.n.i.n.a said...

Only He knows best...